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Lash, @MrOnochie talks about his passion for cycling and the challenges faced while cycling in this part of the world.


Tell us a little bit about you?

Everyone calls me Lash, I love to cycle and I’m Into logistics. 

What fuels your passion for cycling? 

Cycling is fun, it’s freedom. When on the saddle, I can only think of how fast I want to go. Joy in freedom fuels my passion for cycling 

How has your ‘Lagos city cycling’ experience been? and tell us about your funniest/craziest cycling experience you have had on Lagos roads.

The funniest experience for me has to be cycling to the island for the first time and me telling myself I’d never do it again because of how tiring it was. I lied. 

What is your advice for persons set to take up cycling as a sport or hobby?

With time and dedication, you will get to any level you want. Be willing to learn from others, riding solo isn’t as boring as people make it seem.

Tell us about your most adventurous ride?

Cycling to Babcock University in Ogun State, from Lagos. I am not sure I can top that. The scenery was crazy. I wish the weather was warmer that day, it would have been a complete experience for me. Riding on the highway through the bushes was a good experience for me. How free can I wish for?

How do you think we can promote the cycling culture in this part of the world?

I am not sure how we can, we get a lot of one-sided views in this part of the world. People think cycling denotes poverty, and they couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is little regard for cyclists, we have people refusing cyclists a right of way.

Blank cheque: Road bike or MTB?

 Road bike.

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