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Desola, @desi_sanya, talks about the importance of sensitization of other road users to help promote the cycling culture in Lagos.


Can we meet you? 

I am Adesola Adesanya. 

What fuels your passion for cycling?

Cycling is pretty much the only fitness activity that comes easy for me. 

How has your ‘Lagos city cycling’ experience been? and tell us about your funniest/craziest cycling experience you have had on Lagos roads.

Most Lagosians are not used to cyclists talkless of a female cyclist. Most times on the road, I see the shock on people’s faces when they realize that it’s a lady cycling and I hear comments like, “ah Obirin”, “be careful o” or “ma pa ara e fun awon obi re” meaning: don’t kill yourself for your parents.

I usually just roll my eyes.

The worst experience was being teased by touts when cycling through Oshodi. 

What is your advice for persons set to take up cycling as a sport or hobby?

My advice is “like Nike, just do it

Tell us about your most adventurous ride?

I haven’t exactly done an adventurous but my longest has been from Ikeja to Lagos State University, OJO and back which was about 65km 

How do you think we can promote the cycling culture in this part of the world?

By sensitizing people. Most road users do not consider cyclists on the road so they sometimes bully them or pedestrians try to distract them which could lead to accidents. 

Also, bicycle infrastructure, like lanes are needed to encourage people further. 

Blank cheque: Road bike or MTB?

Road bike.

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